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It is likely you have already put sincere effort into identifying and attempting to overcome whatever has disrupted the trust between you and your partner. Regardless, one or both of you can't shake the feeling that 'something is just not right'. 

The two most prevalent emotional messages we hear are something like these:

I'm sick of feeling accused and walking on eggshells


I'm sick of feeling like I'm being lied to...the reasons I get for unusual behaviors just don't add up.

If you can relate to either emotion, then please continue with me.
our goal for your lie detector test

We are not here to solve all your problems. Relationships are too complex and dynamic to be healed in a few hours. Our polygraph testing is about raising awareness, usually in both partners, and verifying truth.

What you need is a starting place, an important ground level truth on which you can either re-build trust and/or make better informed decisions to change the nature of your relationship. Within this limited scope, I've personally seen polygraph work wonders.

Our primary goal is to focus a polygraph examination so that the innocent have the best chance to prove it and the guilty have no rooms left to escape into denial.
the polygraph test process

Call us and schedule an appointment. If possible, I like to speak with both parties involved at the beginning of our examination time. This can be done by phone if one party is not able to be at the exam. Although not required, I have found that hearing both sides of the story prior to the test helps paint a more complete picture and helps me target the test to solve the real issue.

You are both welcome to come to our office for the test, although during the actual exam, only myself and the examinee (the one taking the test) are in the testing suite after the initial interview. We do this because it is important that the testing environment be free of any unnecessary tension and influence. Our office is NOT a cold, dark interrogation type setting. Quite the contrary, we work hard to make you comfortable and welcome so that our energies are focused on what is important...getting to the truth.

The test itself typically takes between two to three hours (real polygraph is not like what you see on television). After the exam is complete and the test has been evaluated and scored, you are given verbal results on the spot. A written report will follow by mail.
we take your relationship test seriously

Yes, we do realize just how much is often at stake. Unless you are planning to lie, don't be afraid. Your relationship is no joke to us. You will be treated with dignity and respect. If you truly care about your relationship, then you have found the right place.

We'd like to make one strong suggestion as you talk with your mate about taking this exam:

Be reasonable.

There is a natural inclination to tell your mate that if they fail this test, you will leave them for good. This is probably the most counter-productive stance you can take to a polygraph examination. Ask yourself; what is the real goal here? Is the goal to prove to yourself you were right all along? Or is the goal to get to the truth and lay the first stone on the path to peace? If you truly desire to make the relationship work, the second option is the only real option.

Give your partner the freedom to fail the long as they are willing to come clean when they do. If they fail the exam, but remain in denial, well that is another matter.

My point is not to sabotage this very important moment in the relationship by setting unreasonable expectations. It probably took a while for things to get as bad as they are and it will take some patience to reverse that.

View the exam for what it is, an objective tool to provide an important piece of truth to help you make healthy decisions for your relationship.
quick answers to lie detection questions

In closing, it seems best to list quick answers to the three most often asked questions.

1. What is the cost of the exam?

We charge $500 per exam. We specialize in relationship testing. This is 95% of what we do. Our examiner has a degree in Psychology and a great deal of life experience dealing with tough relationship situations.

2. How many questions can I ask and can I ask them myself?

An effective polygraph examination is not a question asking spree. This is not the time to ask every instance you feel you've been lied to. Your job is to answer this question: What is the single most important issue that I must have an answer to so I can take a next step? Ultimately, all questions on the exam are constructed by and asked by the examiner to insure we have covered the issue and get the most accurate results.

3. My partner is a very smart and persuasive person, will they be able to convince you they are telling the truth even if they are not?

Can I as the examiner be fooled by a smooth talker? Absolutely. You know I'd be lying if I said no. Everyone has been fooled at some time in their life. But that is not the important question. The important question is this: Do I as the examiner trust my feelings over my polygraph charts? That answer is a resolved 'NO'.

On many occasions, I've been convinced of someone's guilt or innocence from conversation prior to running the actual charts. After the test, when the polygraph charts show my 'feelings' were wrong, I immediately change my perspective to match the charts. That is the only way I can be truly objective. I believe in my testing procedure so I trust my polygraph charts more than my feelings.

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